Genisea KOIN. SEP. expoert company of molasses from Greece

The tradition of our country

Beginning of the story
years of history


Genisea KOIN. S. EP.

We are a Women’s Association which was founded in 1999 in Genisea Xanthi with many goals, one of them was the revival of the customs and traditions of the older generations. We heard from the old people about the cultivation and processing of sugar cane and we decided to “resurrect” this product and its processing process, in exactly the same way as it was done 50 years ago. Starting with the cultivation of sugarcane, the old ones revived the cultivation and processing of this product and the younger ones got to know firsthand what this product offers and all the labor it requires to reach its final form. It was a big decision for the data of our region and the time period at that time. The machine for the processing was built and we spent many hours of work to cover the route from sowing to the preparation of the product. Facing obstacles such as the quality of the seed, which led us to go to the Pontus and bring seed from there, they did not deter us and today we have as a result that our product has been patented, has received approval from the State Chemistry as well as certifications, based on chemical analyses, from Universities.

The tradition of sugar cane production

Sugar cane processing

Molasses results from the processing of the liquid resulting from the crushing of sugar cane, it is a delicious addition to our diet, but also a valuable natural resource with a wealth of nutritional and therapeutic properties. Its wide use in different fields proves its important place in human culture and health. Therefore, molasses remains a valuable and invaluable source of sweetness and well-being for humans.

Raw material purification

Raw material processing

Boiling liquid from raw material

Final form of molasses

Filling jars

Final product for sale Molasses / Petimezi

Our final product as molasses is aimed at consumers looking for sugar substitutes for their daily diet.

Examples of using cane molasses as a sweetener

Sweets and Desserts: You can add cane molasses to cakes, cookies, or sweets to give them sweetness without adding regular sugar.
Beverages: You can dissolve cane molasses in a hot or cold beverage, such as coffee, tea or cocoa, for sweetness.
Dressing and Toppings: You can use cane molasses to make salad dressings or as a sweetener in pizza toppings.
Making Syrups: You can create syrups from cane molasses to add to ice cream, sweets or fruit.


The use of sugar cane molasses has many benefits for the human body, both in relation to health and in relation to dietary choices.

Low Glycemic Index: Cane molasses has a low glycemic index compared to regular sugar. This means that it does not cause sudden spikes in blood sugar after consumption, thus helping to maintain stable glucose levels.
Reduced Calories: Because cane molasses has a lower calorie content than regular sugar, its use can help reduce calorie consumption.
Rich in Antioxidants: Cane molasses contains antioxidants that can help protect the body from free radicals and developing diseases.
Natural Source of Minerals: Cane molasses contains small amounts of minerals such as magnesium, potassium and iron, which are important for the health of the body.
Versatile Use in the Kitchen: Cane molasses can be used in many recipes as a substitute for regular sugar, making the consumption of sweetening products more health-friendly.


From the first steps of our establishment, our focus on providing high quality products and services, combined with our commitment to customer satisfaction, has led to the growth of our portfolio. By adapting to the needs and preferences of our customers, we have managed to gain their trust and consolidate our position in the market.

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